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December Officer Of The Month – James Love

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In March 1990, Chicago Police officer James Love, assigned to 002nd District Tactical Unit, was informed by his Lieutenant, Leroy Grant that the Gangster Disciples street gang had a meeting and announced a $60,000 contract on Officer Love’s life. Love had arrested numerous members of the Gangster Disciples and...

Officer of the Month – P.O. John Pigott

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September 2014 Officer of the Month – P.O. John Pigott On 4 November 2012, Chicago police officer John Pigott and his partner Brian Luce were working Violence Reduction Initiative in a high crime area of the city’s west side. While on patrol they were approached by an Illinois state...

Officer of the Month – Jorge Flores

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July 2014 Officer of the Month On February third, while off-duty, Officer Jorge Flores stopped at a local chain store to use its ATM.  Upon entering the building, he observed a cashier removing cash from the register and placing it into a plastic bag. The cashier appeared apprehensive. Officer...

Officer of the Month – Brett Goldstein

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May 2014 Officer of the Month On July 25 2009, Officer Brett Goldstein was off duty spending the day with his family. While approaching an intersection, Goldstein saw an armed offender fire shots into another vehicle stopped in traffic. Officer Goldstein exited his car, leaving his pregnant wife and...

P.O. Aaron Davis III

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P.O. Aaron Davis III Officer of the Month – March 2014 On September 11, 2010, P.O. Aaron Davis and his partner, P.O. Tiawansa Davis, were dispatched to a disturbance call in the 003rd District. The officers arrived on scene at 75th and Southshore, located the offender and ordered him...
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