Name: Tucker, John R.
Star: 9168
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: 004
End of Watch: 08 October 1968
Incident Details: Police Officer John Tucker, 34, was an 11-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the South Chicago – Tactical Unit. On October 8, 1968, Officer Tucker was off duty when he visited a bank to make a deposit on the 7900 block of South Ashland Avenue. While the officer was inside, Clemmie Johnson, 37, entered the bank with a .38 revolver. Johnson approached three tellers and ordered them to put money into a pillowcase. In the meanwhile, bank security guard activated the silent alarm which rang inside of the Gresham District Station. Officer Tucker was unaware that officers had arrived and were waiting in the lobby to apprehend Johnson. The brave officer approached Johnson and announced himself as a police officer. Johnson swung around and quickly shot Officer Tucker. Responding officers stormed the bank and found Officer Tucker clutching his wounds as he uttered his last words, “I tried to get him.” Officer Tucker died en route to Little Company of Mary Hospital. Clemmie Johnson was sentenced to serve 100-199 years in prison for Officer Tucker’s murder. He was also found guilty of armed robbery. At the time, presiding Judge Richard J. Fitzgerald said, “Because of the gravity of the offense, the defendant should not be allowed to ever return to society.” Johnson was released in 2006 after serving 37 years of his sentence. Officer Tucker’s funeral was held at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and he was laid to rest in Restvale Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Regina; and children, James, Janice, and John Jr., (CPD).


  • Ptlmn Tucker #9168. Please watch over us,and say hello to Mom and Jimmy.Janice and Jay are doing great and so is your ol’ pal Stan! P.S man you look like Jay!!!!!!! — T Kucharski #11902 12/7/2009 ****************

  • Well partner, it’s been a long time since we rolled through South Chicago. A long time. The Department is not the same. You would not recognize it. But somebody is out there right now, driving down Commercial, or Escanaba, or 79th Street looking for bad guys. I don’t know if they are carrying nickel plated .45s or if they have a Whammo sling shot in the trunk, but I hope to God that they are still the “police.” Rest in Peace brother.t

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