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The daughter of slain Chicago police Officer Michael Flisk, an evidence technician, tearfully described in court Friday the pain she felt holding her father’s lifeless hand, still covered in fingerprinting powder, after he and another man were shot dead in a Southeast Side alley in 2010.

“He was killed doing what he loved,” Margaret Flisk 24, told a judge. “I struggle without the love of my dad and how I depended on him for that and so much more. He was not only my dad, but my friend and someone I looked forward to seeing every day.”

On the day after Thanksgiving, Flisk was dusting a customized red Mustang GT for prints after Stephen “Sweet Pea” Peters reported it had been burglarized while parked inside his mother’s garage for the winter. Prosecutors said Timothy Herring Jr., a parolee who lived nearby, had burglarized the car and fatally shot both men after overhearing that Flisk had found a fingerprint. He didn’t want to go back to prison, they said.

“So senseless, so violent, so cold, so calculating — you have to wonder why?” Judge Mary Margaret Brosnahan said Friday before sentencing Herring, 24, to mandatory life in prison. His fate had been sealed after jurors in May found he had knowingly killed a police officer while slaying both men.

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