Two Milwaukee County Sheriff’s officers were killed in a helicopter crash searching for the killer of a off-duty Chicago Police Officer. Please consider donating to the law enforcement memorial that will honor these brave officers from Dodge County Wisconsin.

A law enforcement memorial that has been in the planning for years is nearing completion, but is $15,000 short in funding.

The memorial is a brain child of the Dodge County Executive Law Enforcement Association and has been in the planning for around five years. It will be located on the southwest corner of the Dodge County Administration building.

“Our goal is May of this year to have it completed,” Sheriff Patricia Ninmann said. “I’m not quite sure if we’re going to have all the funding to achieve that goal. If we don’t get it in May, our goal is to continue to get the money raised so that we can get it completed sooner than later.”

Ninmann said the total project is expected to cost $23,000 to $24,000.

DCELEA started the fundraising with a $5,000 contribution and the city of Horicon donated $3,000 for a memorial bench.

Fundraising is being done, in part, with a raffle of items made by inmates in the prison system, including art, wooden items and other items.

Additionally, people can purchase bricks for $100, $250 or $500. Ninmann said the pavers can be a great way to show support for law enforcement who are currently serving or have served.

“A lot of times, people think of law enforcement as patrol officers,” she said. “It’s not just patrol officers. It’s the prison guards. We’ve had a couple prison guards who have lost their lives protecting or overseeing the inmates. Correctional staff, the dispatchers, the DAs. It’s the whole concept of law enforcement.”

Juneau police Chief Dave Beal noted that the bricks, or any donations, don’t need to be in honor of anyone.

Beal said that if the project isn’t finished by May 2014, it would be dedicated in May 2015, during police week.

“The project will start this spring if Mother Nature cooperates,” he said. It’s not only to honor the fallen, but also to recognize the current for what everybody does every day. It’s a county-wide project.”

For more information on the raffle or the project or to make a donation, contact Ninmann at 386-3992 or, Beal at 210-8592 or or any local police chief.

“It’s long overdue. It really is,” Ninmann said. “We’ve had how many individuals that lost their lives? We should be paying respect to them every day. Not only them, but everyone who does this job every day. In reality, when you get up in the morning, you don’t know if you’re going to come home or not.”



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