Parole Denied for Cop Killers

Thursday, June 26 – The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation chartered a bus, secured 23 uniformed officers and traveled to Springfield to protest the release of inmates Johnny Veal, George Knights and Joseph Hurst.

Inmates Knights and Veal murdered Sgt. James Severin and P.O. Anthony Rizzato on July 17,1970 as the officers patrolled the Cabrini-Green housing project. Their case was presented to the IL Prisoner Review Board and the request for parole was denied. Further, both inmates were given a three-year-set meaning they are unable to request parole again until 2017.

Inmate Joseph Bigsby is serving a 100-200 year sentence for the murder of P.O. Edward Barron and the attempted murder of several other Chicago police officers. On September 28, 1973 Bigsby shot and killed the officer as he responded to a robbery-in-progress call. He also fired on other responding officers. Bigsby’s case was also presented to the IPRB and in a narrow vote of 8-6, was denied parole.

The CPMF would like to thank the officers who attended the hearing and saw firsthand how important it is that we NEVER FORGET.

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  • Thank you one and all for your integrity and courage. Marilyn Rizzato

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