Thursday, February 27th – The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation chartered a bus, secured 23 uniformed officers and traveled to Springfield to protest the release of inmates Lee Jones and Joseph Hurst.

Jones shot and severely injured P.O. Eddie Jackson in 1977 during a traffic altercation. The officer survived, but as a result of the shooting was left paralyzed and unable to speak until his death in 2003.

Inmate Joseph Hurst is serving a 300-year sentence for the murder of P.O. Herman Stallworth. On May 24, 1967, Hurst shot and killed the officer during a traffic stop. He also shot and severely injured Stallworth’s partner, P.O. Eugene Ervin.

Each case was presented individually by members of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board and put to vote. Joseph Hurst: 12-0, PAROLE DENIED. Lee Jones: 12-0, PAROLE DENIED. Each inmate will have their case heard by the IPRB next year.

The CPMF would like to thank the officers who attended the hearing and saw firsthand how important it is that we NEVER FORGET.

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We Will Never Forget