On July 22, 2014, Joseph Lukaszewski died.

Joseph was the brother of Chicago Police Officer Michael Lukaszewski, who was shot and killed in the line of duty on June 29, 1957.  Joseph’s body was at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office and not  claimed.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation learned of this and, along with Father Dan Brandt, made arrangements to claim  Joseph’s body and have it  cremated and buried with his brother Michael.  Bob Smith from Smith/Corcoran Funeral Home donated their services and cremated Joseph.  Father Brandt will conduct a burial service  at St. Joseph cemetery located at Cumberland and Belmont in River Grove on Wednesday, August 27, at noon.  Thanks to St. Joseph cemetery for waiving their burial fees. This is an excellent example of how even after 57 years, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation does not forget the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.

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