Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7
October 19. 2015

The verdict in the PO Thomas E. Wortham, IV Murder Trial is in and the word for the third and final defendant, Marcus Floyd, is GUILTY!

The verdicts are as follows:

GUILTY – Murder of a Peace Officer Thomas E. Wortham, IV
GUILTY – Attempted Murder of Thomas E. Wortham, III
GUILTY – Murder of Co-Defendant Brian Floyd
NOT GUILTY – Discharge of a Firearm

The Jury verdict is based on the offenders accountability for the crime. Apparently the Jury was uncertain if Floyd actually fired a weapon.

Police Officer Thomas E. Wortham, IV, Star 6181, was a three year veteran when he was murdered outside his Father’s home while visiting his Parents on May 20, 2010. It is our hope that the Wortham Family can find some peace and closure with this decision.

God Bless the Wortham Family and God Bless the Police.

Dean C. Angelo, Sr.

Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7

We Will Never Forget