Wednesday, January 22nd – At a public meeting today, family members and friends of slain Chicago Police Officers William Fahey and Richard O’Brien urged the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Review Commission members to carefully and impartially review the facts related to a request for judicial review by Jackie Wilson.

Officers Fahey and O’Brien were both fatally shot in February, 1982 while making a traffic stop.  The offenders, Jackie Wilson and his brother, Andrew Wilson, were convicted of the murders. Andrew Wilson died in jail and Jackie Wilson is serving a life sentence.   Jackie has petitioned the Commission, claiming his confession was coerced.

In factual and emotional comments before the Commission, family members cited ample evidence from prior court rulings that clearly refute Wilson’s claim.

“There is no evidence of torture other than Jackie Wilson’s word….On three occasions, Wilson’s claim of coerced confession was reviewed by the courts and every time, it was denied,” one family member told the commission.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation also wrote a letter encouraging the Commission to deny Jackie Wilson’s request for judicial review of his case. (Letter shown below)

The Commission said it will review the facts and the evidence provided by the Fahey and O’Brien families and render a decision in the coming months.

The families of Officers Fahey and O’Brien have our unwavering support as this case moves forward.

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