Thomas Surma, Sean Najm, Miles Furlet, Monica Calixto and Curtis Wallace


On November 27, 2016 shortly after 1130pm, Officers Thomas Surma and Ursula Karcz were working an overtime violence reduction program assigned to the 011th District on the west side of Chicago. Both officers were sitting in their police vehicle on Kenton and Madison, in an area close to where an offender had just shot his pregnant girlfriend. After shooting his girlfriend, the offender fled the scene but encountered Officers Surma and Karcz as they sat in their vehicle. The offender shot at the police officers and one of the bullets grazed the head of Officer Surma.

While the offender fled, Officer Surma gave chase and called for assistance. Officers Sean Najm, Miles Furlet, Monica Calixto and Curtis Wallace, responded to the radio call and began a systematic search for the offender who was located a few blocks away, attempting to conceal himself in a dimly lit, enclosed brick section of a gangway of an apartment complex. Officers Surma, Najm, Furlet, Calixto, and Wallace took tactical positions around the gangway telling the offender drop his weapon and surrender to police. The offender refused and began to shoot in both directions at the Officers while using concealment of the brick gangway wall. All officers had to duck and take cover to avoid being struck by the reckless shots of the offender. To preserve their own lives and the lives of other officers and citizens nearby, Officers Surma, Najm, Furlet, Calixto and Wallace returned fire striking the offender and fatally wounding him.

Since the incident took place, Officer Wallace was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is working on the south side of Chicago in the 002nd District. Officer Surma has also been promoted to Sergeant and is presently attending classes, anticipating his graduation and new assignment later this month. Officer Furlet has moved into the Gang Enforcement North unit; while Officer Najm and Calixto have chosen to continue the fight against violent crime on Chicago’s west side in the 011th district.

At a time of record crime in the city, these men and women exemplify the actions of many officers who when faced with danger, run toward it to stop the violence, bring criminals to justice, and remove dangerous weapons from the street. We believe these officers represent the blue line, separating good from evil, and it is our pleasure to make these men and women our Officers of the month for December.

We Will Never Forget