On June 12th around 6:45 pm, 10th District Field Training Officer Mark J. Palazzolo and his recruit, Officer Maritza Bautista, were called to a house in the 2300 block of South Lawndale Avenue, after a 26-year-old woman had called 911 to say her baby was not breathing. Upon arriving at the house, the Officers found the woman inside a tiny bath room holding an unresponsive new born baby in her hands. The woman had just given birth in the bathroom during her 34th week of pregnancy.

Field Training Officer Palazzolo immediately assessed the situation and relayed to the 911 operator what he observed and began a dialogue with the Fire Department dispatcher. Palazzolo saw the umbilical cord was still attached and learned from the dispatcher to pinch the cord closed to prevent further damage to the premature little girl. Officer Bautista tried to calm and comfort the mother, giving her verbal instructions, attempting to keep the mother from panicking while Officer Palazzolo started CPR on the newborn. Officer Palazzolo gently took the child from its mother’s hands and began puffing breaths into the tiny lungs followed by gentle chest compressions. The Officers continued these acts for four minutes until the Fire Paramedics arrived and transported the baby to Mt. Sinai Hospital where it was treated, became responsive and eventually stabilized.

If you ask these Officers about this event, they are humble and respond that they are “just doing their job”. In fact, this is yet another fine example of the daily work done by police officers who work to arrest the criminal before he can commit another crime, return a lost child to a frantic parent, or comfort a victim when they need it the most. This is what a Chicago Police Officers do all over the city on a daily basis, and this morning, we are proud to honor Field Training Officer Mark J. Palazzolo and Probationary Police Officer Maritza Bautista as our Officers of the Month for October.

We Will Never Forget