August 2013

On September 15, 2011, Chicago police officers Alejandro Acevedo and Charlotte Gonzalez, members of the 017th District Tactical Unit, were on patrol when they heard gunshots. They responded immediately and while en route to the source of the gunfire, a message was broadcast by the first police units on scene saying a man had been shot and the assailant was fleeing in a black Chevrolet Suburban. Officers Acevedo and Gonzalez recalled seeing a Suburban matching that description while on their way to the source of the shooting, so they doubled back to locate it. They soon spotted the suspect vehicle heading north on Kedzie Avenue, notified the dispatcher and activated their emergency equipment. The officers curbed the vehicle on the 5300 block of North Kedzie Avenue, then exited their squad car. The passenger jumped out of the black SUV, pointed a handgun at Officers Acevedo and Gonzalez and began firing. The officers returned fire as the assailant, while still shooting his weapon, fled on foot into an unlit driveway. While Officer Acevedo chased the offender, Officer Gonzalez approached the driver of the vehicle. Utilizing her professional training, moving quickly and decisively, Officer Gonzalez pulled the driver from the vehicle and handcuffed him without incident. Officer Acevedo continued to pusue the other assailant down the unlit driveway. Taking cover behind a parked van in order to reload his weapon, he ordered the offender to get on the ground. The assailant ignored the commands and continued firing at Officer Acevedo. Once he reloaded his weapon, Officer Acevedo engaged the offender in an exchange of gunfire, fatally striking the gunman.


The ensuing investigation revealed that the two offenders were both members of a street gang and that they had just shot and killed a rival gang member in the 4900 block of North Troy Street. The surviving offender was charged with two counts of murder. As a result of the brave actions of these two fine Chicago police officers, two murderers have been removed from our streets.


P.O. Alejandro Acevedo was hired in 2005 and assigned to the 017th District. He began his career in the 017th District, Albany Park neighborhood, and has 7 years on the job. He has worked beat cars, rapid response cars and Tact, where he is currently assigned. He has been married for 16 years and has two children.


P.O. Charlotte Gonzalez was appointed as a police officer on January 3, 2005. She is an alumni of Lane Technical High School (’98) and the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana (’01). P.O. Gonzalez is currently assigned to the 017th District and has been on the tactical team for approximately two and a half years. She has been married for 11 years to her amazing husband, who is also a Chicago police officer, and has two wonderful children.





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