On March 26, 2015, Officer Michael K. Ephraim was working at Midway Airport when he was informed by the Manager of Harry Caray’s restaurant that a customer was having trouble breathing. Officer Walter M. Bland responded to the same call and upon arriving, observed P.O. Ephraim lifting an unresponsive man out of a chair and onto the floor. P.O. Ephraim performed CPR on the victim and P.O. Bland assisted while another officer retrieved the AED machine.

The victim slowly regained consciousness and began to breathe. The AED machine was administered to the victim and announced “Shock Not Advised.” Both Officers continued to monitor the victim until CFD ambulance #21 arrived and transported him to MacNeal Hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

Officer Walter M. Bland Jr. began his career as a Chicago police officer in December of 1985. During his 29 years on the Chicago Police Department he has been assigned to the 003rd District, 008th District, Area 3 mission team, The Auto Pound Section, OEMC, 001st District and is currently assigned to Midway Airport.

Officer Michael K. Ephraim joined the Chicago Police Department in May of 1981. During his career as a police officer, he worked in the 003rd district, 009th district and is currently assigned to Midway Airport.













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