On November 1, 2015 at approximately 2:30 AM, Chicago police officers Josue Pivaral and Shadi Sweiss, Beat 613R, were dispatched to an auto accident/car fire located at 7700 S. Loomis. Beat 606F Officers Eric King and Phoebe Flores arrived on scene first and advised over the radio that a vehicle was in flames and two people were trapped inside.  Officers King and Flores sprung into action and were able to revive the unconscious driver and remove him from the burning car.

Shortly thereafter, Officers Pivaral and Sweiss arrived on scene and rushed toward the burning vehicle. Officer Sweiss was handed a fire extinguisher by a 15-year old neighborhood teen whose quick thinking helped save the lives of the accident victims. Officers Sweiss and Flores tried to put out the overwhelming fire with the extinguisher while King and Pivaral attempted to pry open the passenger’s door to free the second occupant. The fire had already begun consuming the dashboard and white smoke was filling the vehicle.

Following several failed attempts to pry open the door, Officer King told the passenger to cover his face with a t-shirt and struck the window with an asp multiple times until the glass shattered. The four officers then pulled the heavy passenger through the car window and dragged him to the sidewalk. Seconds after removing the trapped victim, a small explosion and flying glass came from the burning car. The officers then moved the passenger to a safer distance until a CFD fire truck arrived to extinguish the blaze.

P.O. Josue Pivaral: Officer Pivaral has been assigned to the 006th District since joining the Chicago Police Department three years ago. He has been part of Safe Passage, the Foot Patrol and the Bike Unit.

P.O. Eric King: Officer King has worked on an Incident Team in the 006th District for the past year. Prior to this assignment, he has worked in the 004th and 005th Distircts.

P.O. Shadi Sweiss: Officer Sweiss joined the Chicago Police Department in April 0f 2013 and began his career in the 004th District. He has been assigned to the 006th District since October of 2014.

P.O. Phoebe Flores: Officer Flores has worked in the 006th District since graduating from the Training Academy in April of 2011. She is currently assigned to the District’s Mission Team (606).


We Will Never Forget