April 2010


On May 27, 2009, Chicago police officer Densey Cole was responding to a burglary in progress call while assigned to the  022nd District.  En route, another vehicle crossed the median and struck Officer Cole’s police SUV near the corner of 98th and Halsted streets.

His head slammed against the roof of the SUV and that impact broke his neck.  Shortly after the accident, two men ran up to Cole’s vehicle intending to rob him.  He was still conscious as these individuals moved his injured body to gain access to his wallet and sidearm.  This movement likely worsened Cole’s injuries.  He was immediately rushed to Christ Hospital for treatment.  A few days after the accident, a 22-year-old male was arrested and charged with robbing and disarming a police officer.

Officer Cole, diagnosed a quadriplegic, spent 50 days rehabbing in Illinois before transferring to Denver, Colorado’s Craig Hospital.  Craig is one of the leading rehab centers for spinal cord injury patients.  He currently resides in Oak Brook Terrace.

Densey Cole hails from a police family and came on the job in December of 1992.  He was assigned to the 009th District for six years.  After serving in the Mounted Unit and the 018th District, Cole transferred to the 001st District and was assigned there for ten years.  He had only been in the 022nd District a short time before the accident.

We Will Never Forget