July 2013

On October 8, 2008, while conducting an investigation into the Traveling Vice Lord street gang, Sgt. Charles Daly and PO Joseph Ramaglia observed an individual causing a disturbance in the middle of the street. When the officers approached, the offender fled on foot, holding his waistband. During a brief pursuit, the offender eventually fell in an alley. As the officers approached, the individual fought off their attempts to take him into custody. The offender bit the officers, knocked the radio out of the officer’s hand while he was trying to call for backup and eventually tried to take one of the officer’s service weapons from his holster. As the two officers continued to struggle with the offender; the offender broke free and pointed his gun at one of the officers. The second officer, taking immediate action to save his partner, fired one shot and neutralized the threat.


Sgt. Charles Daly has 18 years on the job.  He began his career in the recently closed 013th District on Wood Street. He has worked on Tact and Gang teams, Narcotics, Intelligence and was promoted to Detective and later Sergeant.  He currently works as a Sergeant in the Gang Investigations Division. Charles has been married for 16 years and has three children.


P.O. Joseph Ramaglia was hired in 1998 and assigned to the 009th District. He has worked in several districts including 007, 006 and 010. Since 2006, he has been assigned to Sgt. Daly’s team in Gang Investigations. Joseph is a highly decorated veteran with over 130 Honorable Mentions, 12 Department Commendations and 2 Special Commendations, among many others. P.O. Ramaglia is married and has two children.

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