Leo Augle, Colin Ryan, John Halloran and James O’Brien

On May 2, 2017 P/O’s Colin Ryan and Leo Augle were in a covert vehicle conducting a surveillance on a group of violent street gang members. During that surveillance, members of the targeted street gang ambushed the officers using two separate vehicles. The officers were fired upon with a high powered assault rifle by two of the gang members in a stolen van. Twenty eight shots were fired at the officers, twenty three of which struck the officers vehicle and penetrated the vehicle through and through. Both officers sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Both officers managed to return fire. The officers’ shots disabled the offender’s vehicle forcing the two offenders to abandon the stolen van a short distance from the shooting. The shooter was then forced to ditch the assault rifle a short distance from the stolen van. The second vehicle used by the gang members in the ambush fled the scene without firing a shot. The wounded officers managed to obtain a description of the offending vehicles even after being severely wounded. After the offender’s vehicle fled the scene P.O Ryan told P.O. Augle that he had been shot in the arm. P.O. Augle immediately felt that his back was sore and bleeding. Both officers exited the vehicle, and P.O. Augle called for help on the radio and looked at his partners arm and determined that he should apply a tourniquet.
P.O. Augle was attempting to get his tourniquet off his vest and onto P.O Ryan’s arm when other members of their Tact team arrived on scene and placed a tourniquet on P.O Ryan’s arm. The ambulance arrived on scene and both officers were transported to the Emergency Room. They later found out that that the van was hit 23 times with an M-4 style rifle using the 5.56 mm rounds.

Area Central Detectives O’Brien and Halloran responded to the scene of the shooting and coordinated the efforts of the Detective Division, the 009th District, Gang Intelligence and Gang Enforcement, Canine, Crime Lab Personnel and Federal authorities with the ATF and DEA in the securing and processing of the multiple scenes and throughout the follow up investigation. The Detectives sent out a flash message with a description of the offending vehicles. The shooter’s van was located and secured a short distance from the scene of the shooting. The assault rifle was also located and secured. The second vehicle used during the ambush was located by the 25th district tactical officers. That vehicle was still occupied by two of the gang members involved in the ambush. Those two gang members were transported into the Office of Area Central Detectives.
The original targets of the officers’ surveillance were also located and transported into Area Central Detective Division.

The Detectives interviewed those gang members who had been under surveillance and part of the ambush over many lengthy hours. Those gang members subsequently identified the two offenders who actually ambushed the officers and fired the shots. The Detectives worked with the Cook County States Attorney’s Office to document the statements and the Grand Jury testimony of multiple gang members who implicated their fellow gang members.

Efforts were coordinated with the Fugitive Apprehension Unit, along with the Gang Intelligence and Gang Enforcement units in apprehending the first offender. The Detectives skillfully interviewed that offender who subsequently confessed to his participation in the ambush of the police officers. That offender also provided some leads as to where the second offender fled to.

The first offender was charged with two counts of Attempt Murder and two counts of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. An Arrest Warrant was obtained for the second offender who fled this jurisdiction immediately after the shooting. The Detectives coordinated efforts with several different State and Federal agencies in an attempt to apprehend this second offender.
Detectives Halloran and O’Brien worked this case around the clock and through several days off, the whole time being less than two weeks from their retirement.
Detective John Halloran was hired on April 8, 1985. Throughout the late 80’s He worked patrol in the 009th and 11th Districts, and as a Gang Tactical Officer in the Gang Crime South Unit. Detective James O’Brien was hired on October 13, 1986. During the late 80’s he worked patrol and tactical units in the 007th District-Englewood.
In August of 1990 Halloran and O’Brien were promoted to Detective. They were both assigned to the original Area Three Violent Crimes Unit located at 3900 S. California.

In November of 1992 Area Three was closed down. Both Detectives Halloran and O’Brien were reassigned to Area One Violent Crimes, now known as the Area Central Detective Division. During their tenure as Violent Crimes/Homicide Detectives, Halloran and O’Brien have worked on countless Homicides, Aggravated Batteries and Police Involved Shootings. Halloran and O’Brien have been involved in the investigations into the murders of seven (7) Police Officers during their time as Detectives. All of which have resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the offenders. They have also investigated numerous Aggravated Batteries to Police Officers, including this one, which have also resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the offenders.
On May 15, 2017 Detective John Halloran retired after 32 years of service. Detective James O’Brien retired on May 15, 2017 after 31 years of service.
At the time of this incident P.O. Ryan had 3 years on the job. For the past three months he had been assigned to the tactical team. During the time of the incident P.O Augle had 14 and a half years on the job. For the past eleven years he has been assigned to the tactical team in 009

Police Officers Colin Ryan, Leo Augle and Detectives John Halloran and James O’Brien are the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s Officers of the month

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