Marlene Rivera became a Chicago Police officer in August 1995. Throughout her near 19 year career as a patrolwoman, Officer Rivera worked on the Southside and Northside of Chicago before ending up in the 014th District. Officer Edwin Pagan #4438 is also assigned to the 014th Police District. During the 15 years Officer Pagan served on the police force, he received 25 various department awards and 110 honorable mentions while he worked on several patrol units. As a resident of the 014th district for over 44 years, Officer Pagan volunteers his time in his community as a youth mentor to reduce gang activity and violence.

On May 4 2015, an incident occurred where a young boy was severely shot in the leg by a drive by shooter at 3100 West Armitage in the Walgreens parking lot. Officer Rivera notified OEMC as she took off the victim’s t-shirt and placed it around the wound while applying pressure. Officer Rivera then requested CFD and put out a description of the vehicle that the offenders were operating at the time of the incident. Officer Edwin Pagan was on patrol in the 14th Police District working Beat 1406A when he responded to an assist call from Officer Marlene Rivera.

When Officer Pagan arrived on scene he immediately use his LEMART training by making a makeshift tourniquet from a belt he received from a nearby citizen. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive Officer Pagan was able to strap the young boy’s leg with the belt to stop blood flow. CFD Chief of Paramedics Fitzgerald came to the scene and applied a traditional tourniquet to the victim’s leg. Shortly after, the ambulance followed and immediately treated the victim with proper care.

The 014th District Police Officers responded admirably and with great intent. Offenders were apprehended, weapons were recovered, and the boy was taken to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where he recuperated from a rupture in his femoral artery and nerve damage where the bullet penetrated. With the heroic actions of both Officer Rivera and Pagan the young boy’s life was spared along with his leg.




We Will Never Forget