October 2011


Sergeant Kevin Connors is a 12 year veteran of the Chicago Police department. His career started in the 006th district as a beat officer then he spent 7 years on the tact team. He has been working in the 008th district since being promoted to sergeant 2 years ago. Sgt. Connors was presented with the Officer of the Month Award by CPMF Executive Board Members on October 11, 2011.

On November 24, 2000 I was working the 1st watch in the 006th district. My belly still full from Thanksgiving dinner only hours before. My night started out like any other tour in 006 – busy. Around 3 am a job came over the radio for a robbery in progress at 82nd and Ashland. My partner and I responded along with Officer Piper and his partner. There was not a soul on the street that night. Just before coding the job we noticed that one of the tickets had a plate number which came back to the 7700 block of South Hermitage only a few blocks away. We decided to check the Hermitage street address because the victim was reported to be an elderly woman. We relocated and met with our sergeant and found the front door open. There were no signs of the vehicle we were looking for. As we entered we found a subject laying on a bed fully clothed wearing boots, coat, and a hat which was suspicious. When we questioned the subject he told us he did not live there. A search of the house revealed that no one else was in the house. After twenty minutes I was standing in the kitchen and we were getting ready to give it a big 19 Paul when I heard a noise behind me. As I turned around I noticed an elderly woman walking up the stairs, immediately I noticed was a flash over her right shoulder. When I realized the flash was someone shooting at us from behind her I tried to get cover and Officer Piper returned fire, but the offender was gone. I sustained three gunshot wounds. One a through and through gunshot wound to the right thigh, one bullet struck my vest at my lower abdomen and the other entered my left upper arm and traveled into my chest and landed just above my heart.


As a daily reminder, that bullet is still in my chest. The offender was arrested a short time later and was convicted of attempted murder of a police officer. He is currently serving 30 years in the IDOC. We later learned that the elderly woman was the offender’s grandmother. He robbed her and then used her as a human shield.

I tell every police officer I meet to please wear your vest. I would not be here to celebrate another Thanksgiving or any other holiday with my family if I did not wear my vest that night.

We Will Never Forget