February 2013
I came on the job in 1994 and was assigned to the 025th District.  I worked patrol, gang and tact team assignments.  I was promoted to Detective in 2000 and was assigned to Area Four.  In 2003, I was promoted to Sergeant and spent most of my time in the 025th District where I worked patrol and had a tactical team.  I was promoted to Lieutenant in Sept 2012.

On November 19, 2011, I responded to a call of an armed robbery in progress. With offenders on scene, I entered the store and observed an offender run towards the back of the building. During my pursuit and subsequent search, six terrified victims, including three children, were found bound with duct tape. After ensuring the well being of the victims, I continued my search. When I encountered an offender and attempted to take him into custody, another appeared and both began to attack me in an attempt to defeat the arrest. As one of the attackers attempted to disarm me, the other fled. During the struggle for my weapon, the weapon of the offender fell to the ground. As I attempted to recover that weapon, the offender attempted to flee. I was able to catch him at which time, during a brutal struggle to gain control, we both crashed through a plate glass window and spilled out onto the sidewalk. This individual was eventually overpowered and placed under arrest. The other offender was caught by responding units. Both were charged accordingly and a pattern of eight armed robberies was cleared.

For my efforts that night, I was awarded the National Association of Police Organizations’ 2012 TOP COP Award. Members from the Los Angeles Police Department, New York Police Department, Detroit Police Department and six other departments across the country were recognized by NAPO as well. All were honored by President Obama and Vice President Biden at a White House reception. The recipients were also presented with their awards by actors who portray police officers, such as Law and Order’s Vincent D’Onofrio, at the NAPO TOP COP Dinner on May 12.

I was truly humbled to receive the Top Cop Award as well as this award from the CPD Memorial Foundation.  I personally know some of the previous recipients and truly feel honored to be in their company as several have suffered serious injuries while simply “doing their jobs.” I have the utmost respect for them. Thank you and please stay safe!


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  • Congratulations! It’s always good to know you are doing fine! GOD BLESS

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