On November 24, 2011, P.O. Jamie Chesna and her partner were on a routine patrol in the 007th District when they witnessed a driver commit a traffic violation. The officers activated their emergency equipment and curbed the offending vehicle at 73rd Street and Emerald Avenue. As the officers exited their squad car, the offender sped away and attempted to flee. The officers pursued the vehicle until it crashed into a building. The offender then fled the scene with Officer Chesna in pursuit. As officer Chesna approached, the offender punched her in the face and tried to gain control of her service weapon. After a brief struggle, the officer was able to push the offender away and discharged her weapon, fatally wounding the individual. The officer was treated for her injuries and a fully loaded handgun was discovered in the offender’s vehicle.


P.O. Jamie Chesna, #11881, is a 10-year veteran of the Chicago police department, currently assigned to the Narcotics Division. She also served in the Gang Enforcement Division, Area Central Gun Team, Area Central Saturation Team, 007th District, 005th District and 002nd District.

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  • Offier Chesna, glad you made it out of that situation okay and have recovered from your injuries. Thank you for your service. Be safe.
    Take care and be well,

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