May 2013

Brian Warner is an 18 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and is assigned to the 018th district. Brian is the proud father of two teenage children, Brett and Emilee.  He is also the first in his family of 15 siblings to join the CPD. In 2002, his sister Annie Rose also joined the department and is currently assigned to the 011th district. Warner spent the first three years of his career working a beat car in 018. He then joined the gang team and spent the next five years working primarily in the Cabrini Green housing project.  He then became a member of the 018th district tactical team where he worked on robberies and burglaries.

During his time on the tactical team, Warner was also detailed to the Area Three Mission Team where he worked alongside detectives who specialized in investigating organized burglary and robbery crews. Warner then returned to the 018th District to become a Field Training Officer (FTO). He held that position for almost two years. While still in 018, Warner was assigned to beat 1806-which is the third watch plain clothes car.  For the last seven years, Warner and his partner have lead the district with an average of three hundred and twenty five arrests. Throughout his career, Officer Warner has received two department commendations, fifty honorable mentions, seven fitness awards, two attendance awards and numerous complimentary letters.

On  February 23, 2011, Officer Warner #8189, and his partner Steve Pilafas #8644, encountered a man in the vicinity of 600 N. Fairbanks. This offender was approaching vehicles stopped in traffic and panhandling pedestrians in an aggressive manner.  Officers Warner and Pilafas approached the offender and attempted to place him under arrest.  The offender became combative and resisted arrest by pulling away and striking Officer Pilafas on the head.  Officers Warner and Pilafas were able to gain control of the offender and placed him in custody.  The officers handcuffed the offender behind his back and conducted a search.  The offender had multiple layers of clothes on and continued to struggle with the officers.  The officers placed him in the rear of their squad car and began transporting him to the 018th District for processing.

While en route to the station, both officers Warner and Pilafas observed that the offender continued to struggle and move about in the rear seat of the vehicle.  As the officers approached the intersection of Chicago and Wells, they both turned to observe the offender, while handcuffed, had produced a handgun and was pointing the weapon from his right side.  Officer Warner immediately attempted to stop the vehicle and the offender fired a round in the direction of the seated officers.  Officer Pilafas exited the vehicle from the passenger side. While Officer Warner was attempting to exit the vehicle from the driver’s side, the offender fired a second round striking Warner in the back.  The offender then fired an additional round while in the rear of the squad car.  Both officers drew their weapons and approached the offender, returning fire until the threat was defeated.

The offender was ultimately pronounced dead.  Officer Warner was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and was treated and admitted for the gunshot wound to his back.

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  • As both a friend of Brians and a citizen of Chicago I am thankful for his relentless service to our great city.

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