December 2010

I’ve been a lifelong resident of the southeast side of Chicago where I was born and raised.  I currently reside in the Hegewisch community with my wife Juanita, who is assigned to the 004th District, and my three children Steven, Christopher and Clarissa.

I began my career with the Chicago Police Department at the age of 22 on December 2, 1991.  After the academy I was sent to the 005th District and completed my probation.  I was then assigned to the 003rd District where I stayed for approximately 3 months until I bid back to 005.

It was in the 005th District that I made friends and felt comfortable on the streets.  In December of 1994, I transferred to the 004th District as did many of my friends from 005.  We all worked beat cars on 1st watch and had a great time working together and backing each other up.  It was like one big family.  This is where I met P.P.O. Cedric Brumley.

During the next 4 years my friends started moving on to tactical teams, gang teams and other watches.  In April of 1999 I was assigned to the 004th District Tactical Team 463 where I stayed until I moved over to the 004th District Gang Team 468 in 2003.

In July of 2002, I was involved in a catastrophic accident involving two of my good friends, Sgt. Timothy Casey and P.O. Cedric Brumley.  Sgt. Casey and I had just left South Chicago Hospital and were headed into the station to inventory a handgun.  A 10-1 came out that an officer had been shot in the 8500 block of south Saginaw.  We activated our emergency equipment and proceeded to the location.  We had just crossed South Chicago Avenue onto 88th Street traveling E/B in an unmarked squad car when out of the corner of my right eye I saw the blue lights of another squad car traveling N/B on Kingston.  I remembered seeing a squad car with its blue lights activated traveling in our direction on south Chicago Avenue, but did not think twice about it.  My main concern was getting to the P.O. It was at this time that we collided with a marked squad car as we attempted to turn N/B onto Kingston from 88th Street.  As a result of the collision, we were sent spinning onto the sidewalks in separate directions.  I remember sitting in the passenger seat disoriented and unable to breath.  I remember the smoke and the smell of anti freeze.  I then crawled out the window and saw the damage to both squad cars.  At that moment I saw Cedric, my friend, seated in the marked squad car.  That’s when it hit me that this was a very bad accident.

Cedric and I were taken to Cook County Hospital and Sgt. Casey was taken to Christ Medical Center.  While I was being cared for in the emergency room, I could see the doctors and nurses working on Cedric.  I vividly remember the scene and the doctors whisking him away to the operating room.  I remember the bosses and the P.O.’s that showed up.  I knew I was in good hands.

My family was taken care of and a squad car was assigned to sit in front of my house in case my wife needed anything.  As a result of this accident, Sgt. Casey sustained numerous severe lacerations and bruises requiring stitches.  Cedric sustained a severed aorta which caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down.  I sustained two broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a bruise that went from my right elbow to my right shoulder.  Compared to Cedric’s injuries, mine were nothing.  I was sent home to recover.  Sometime during my three months of I.O.D., I was visited by Steven Tyler and several other members of the Police Survivors.  They informed me why the Police Survivors were there and explained why the group was created.  It made sense.

Unfortunately, as of December 31st of this year, the Police Survivors will be dissolved.  On the bright side, we still have the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.  Another fine organization with the same principles of the Survivors; providing support and assistance to the families of Chicago Police officers.  I am proud to be a member of both organizations.

I am currently detailed to the Gang Intelligence Section and have been since the unit was founded in January of 2004.  I have worked for great Commanders, great Lieutenants, great Sergeants and alongside great P.O.’s.  I am looking forward to the next 11 years until I can retire.  Until then, I will continue to support The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and it’s cause.


We Will Never Forget