November 2013

On September 1, 2010, P.O. James Gochee and members of the 006th District, 662 Tactical team, lead by then Lieutenant Glenn Evans, were executing a search warrant at the address of 7701 S. Hoyne Ave. a little after midnight, for weapons and drugs.  P.O. Gochee was assigned to breech the rear door of the residence using the battering ram with P.O. Michael St Clair standing off to P.O. Gochee’s right, ready to enter the residence with an M4 rifle and Lt. Glenn Evans standing off to the right of P.O. St Clair.  The rear door was to be breached because intelligence gathered before execution of the warrant indicated the front door of the residence was barricaded.  After P.O. Gochee breeched the gate of the fence surrounding the backyard and the security door on the back door, P.O. Gochee started to strike the rear steel door.  After P.O. Gochee struck the door for the third time, he heard a loud bang, felt an object pass through his left arm then observed the object, which was the bullet fired from an AK 47 assault rifle through the closed door, strike the battering ram, explode and travel up the ram a short distance, shelling shrapnel into his left arm and left leg burning through his pants. P.O. Gochee staggered back from the door, dropped the ram to the ground and attempted to run from the rear door area after Lt. Evans ordered the team to find cover.  P.O. Gochee then ran a couple of feet, overcome with shock, collapsed to the ground.  P.O. Gochee remembering his training and officer survival skills stayed calm, put pressure on his wound and kept his arm above his heart to minimize bleeding, he then directed a fellow officer to place a tourniquet made from a Chicago Police raid vest on his arm to stop the bleeding.  Lt. Evans also injured from the ordeal after receiving glass from the security door embed in one of his eyes, not caring for his own safety, then dragged P.O. Gochee from the back yard of the residence to the parkway where Sgt. Phillip Orlando also on scene transported P.O. Gochee to the hospital along with P.O. Michael St Clair, also injured when the bullet struck him with shrapnel then embed itself in his right bicep after it had traveled up the battering ram.


P.O. Gochee started his career as an officer for the Village of Crestwood then spent 5 years on the Cook County Sheriff’s Department where he was on the S.O.R.T. Unit, he is a 10 1/2 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, he is happily married to his wife Margie of 18 years and the proud father of four children.  He has spent his entire career in the 006th District and has been a tactical officer for 9 1/2 years.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would happen to me, my life was changed totally by this incident, I have made it my new goal in life to help and inform other officers on how to deal and cope after surviving such a horrible incident that is often a part of our job.  I am also a proud member of The Chicago Police Survivors which is a committee associated with the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, by helping others I have been able to help and heal myself.

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