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On September 28, 2015 at approximately 7:00 PM, Officers Mike Modzelewski and John Conneely responded to a call of multiple persons shot at 5300 S. Aberdeen. Once the officers arrived on scene, they were immediately met by a frantic woman who was holding an eleven month old baby. The woman was screaming, “the baby is shot, the baby is shot!” Officer Modzelewski examined the baby and found that he had sustained a gunshot wound to his lower left waist and was losing a substantial amount of blood. Given the dire circumstances, both officers made the split-second decision to transport the baby to the hospital themselves rather than wait for an ambulance.

At this time, Officer Conneely took the wheel as Officer Modzelewski cradled the child in the back seat of the squad car while applying pressure to the wound. Officer Conneely relayed through dispatch the route being taken to Stroger Hospital and requested that CPD begin blocking off intersections. He also asked that Stroger be notified to prepare for an eleven month old with a gunshot wound.

Once at Stroger, both officers rushed the baby into the ER where they were met by hospital staff. The baby was eventually stabilized and released several days later. Had the officers not immediately removed the baby from the scene, the outcome could have been very different.

Officer Modzelewski has worked in the 009th District for more than ten years and has been assigned to numerous incident teams as well as the 963 Tactical Team. He is currently assigned to the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Mission Team.

Officer Conneely has been a Chicago police officer for nearly 17 years and has been recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His prior assignments include 012 Tactical Team, Area 4 Mission Team, Vice Unit, Gang Intelligence, the FBI Joint Task Force on Gangs and the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Team.

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