October 2013

On 28 April 2013, Officer Coleman was off duty in front of his home when he observed a vehicle with 4 occupants driving southbound down the street.  The vehicle stopped right in front of Officer Coleman and the rear 2 passengers got out of the vehicle, produced weapons and 1 began shooting in a northwesterly direction towards some area residents, while the other began firing his weapon to the south.  Both offenders re-entered the vehicle and it continued southbound.


Officer Coleman called 9-1-1 to report “shots fired” and began to follow the offenders in his vehicle.  As he drove from the scene, Officer Coleman noticed that there had been a person shot by the offenders.  At the intersection of Oakley and Van Buren, the offender’s vehicle stopped in the left lane at the red light and Officer Coleman stopped his vehicle behind and to the right of the offender’s vehicle.  Officer Coleman exited he vehicle, with his weapon in his right hand and his Chicago Police star in his left hand, and as he identified himself, shouting “Police! Stop the car!”, the offender sitting in the left rear passenger seat raised a semi-automatic pistol, pointed the pistol in Officer Coleman’s direction.  Officer Coleman, believing that the offender was about to shoot at him, continued to move towards the offenders  using his vehicle for shielding and, in defense of his life, fired his weapon at the offender with the pistol inside the vehicle.  As the traffic light turned green and the offender’s car began to drive away, Officer Coleman identified himself to an Illinois State Trooper, who was making a traffic stop a few feet away, and informed him that the offenders in the fleeing vehicle had just shot someone around the corner.  The trooper gave chase to the offender’s vehicle with negative results.


The offender’s vehicle was recovered a short time later with a silver colored handgun lying on the right rear seat and a trail of blood that led down the alley to the first of the 4 offenders who have at this time all been apprehended and charged with attempted murder .  Two of the offenders sustained non life threatening gunshot wounds.  Due to Officer Coleman’s heroic actions, 4 dangerous criminals have been removed from the streets of Chicago.


Officer Coleman became a Chicago Police Officer in 1999 and began his career in the 003rd district. In 2001, Officer Coleman went to the Area 2 Saturation Team and in 2002 moved to the 003rd district Tactical team.  Officer Coleman spent from 2004-2009 on the Area 2 Gun Team and is currently assigned to the Narcotics Division.  


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