May 2014 Officer of the Month

On July 25 2009, Officer Brett Goldstein was off duty spending the day with his family. While approaching an intersection, Goldstein saw an armed offender fire shots into another vehicle stopped in traffic. Officer Goldstein exited his car, leaving his pregnant wife and two year old son, to pursue the offender. Goldstein chased him through an alley where the offender, Marcelino Sauseda, was apprehended. In the alley, Chicago police later recovered a handgun and a black shirt that the offender used to cover his face. In September 2013, a jury found Sauseda guilty of the 1st degree murder of 19-year-old Jeff Maldonado Jr., and Sauseda was given a 62 year sentence.

Goldstein began his career with the Chicago Police Department in 2006 and graduated as valedictorian of his academy class. He served in the 11th District as well as the Office of the First Deputy, Office of the Superintendent and the Predictive Analytics Unit.  Goldstein left the department in 2010, and is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P. and also serves as the inaugural Fellow in Urban Science at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.


  • Rangers just have it in them B man, glad to see you doing so well…say hi to the family for me …T

  • Congratulations sir, and thank you for all that you’ve done. I salute you.

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