August 2014 Officer of the Month – Detective Richard W. Waszkiewisz

“Richard Walter Waszkiewicz was born in Chicago on 20 Aug 1932.  He served the U S Army in Korea. In September 1956 he married Barbara Grzonkowski.  10 months later his first child was born, Patricia Ann.  He became a father for the second time in February 1959 when David Joseph was born.  In 1962 he became the bearer of Star #7650 for the Chicago Police Department, but it was in 1967 that he made the newspapers.  On 9 Jun 1967 he was shot in the back of the left shoulder with a stolen .22 caliber rifle.

I remember Mom taking Dave and me to the hospital to see Dad, but we couldn’t go to his room because we were too young.  We could wave to him in his hospital room window.  After he returned home his doctor recommended that he expose his surgery incisions to the sun to speed healing.  I remember thinking that they looked “gross.”  In August 1967 all of us went to police headquarters for a press conference.  I remember a reporter asking where my brother and I went to school.  Then the superintendent pinned the first Blue Star on dad’s suit.  Dad joked with him that the suit would need reweaving.  The superintendent told Dad to send him the bill.

“Thankfully Dad went back to work and was able to retire in 1984 with 22 years on the job.  He and Mom moved to Florida where he enjoyed 10 years (and four grandchildren).  Mom said when Dad retired he asked the Lord for 10 good years and when he died they were in renegotiation.  Dad died on 26 May 1996 from complications of strokes.  One of his pallbearers was his partner from the day of the shooting, Richard Jablonski.”















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