On September 12, 2014, Officer La-Toya P. Williams, a 14-year veteran with the Chicago Police Department, was monitoring the radio when the dispatcher asked, “does anyone on the zone know how to perform CPR on a newborn baby until paramedics arrive?”  Officer Williams, who was recently certified by the American Red Cross in May 2014, responded to the scene which was located at 31st/Lituanica. Officer Williams was met by the great-grandmother who was carrying the 2-day old baby boy. The officer took the breathless and blue in color baby into her arms and she felt as if she was holding a baby doll. Officer Williams felt for a pulse with negative results, placed the baby on the couch and started performing continuous chest compressions for several minutes.  Thankfully, the newborn began to show signs of life and his color began to return. The baby was revived by the time paramedics arrived. Upon their arrival, paramedics took over the situation by checking the baby’s pulse rate and providing him with a small amount of oxygen. The baby was transported to Mercy Hospital where the doctor stated he was in stabilized condition.

Officer Williams was emotional during and after the situation, but was relieved when she realized that she had saved a baby. She calls Dale “her miracle baby” and is glad that she was able to stay calm and provide the baby with a second life.

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