September 2011


The bright men and women who become Chicago police officers make the choice every day to enter into unknown situations and provide assistance to the citizens of this great city.  For Officer Christopher Elliott, to serve the community and protect those who are momentarily helpless was a primary reason to put on the uniform of a Chicago police officer. Officer Elliott served four years in the United States Coast Guard, and is presently serving in the Chicago Police Shakespeare 014th District station.

Officer Elliott is the son of a 33 year veteran Chicago police officer, the grandson of a member of the first Mayor Daley’s personal security team and the grandson of a proud female 012th district station bailiff.  This is only half the story of our dedication to serving the community.  Officer Elliott is also the son of a 50 year veteran registered nurse, and the grandson of two Polish Americans who accomplished the American dream of owning a house, and having a strong sense of involvement in their community organizations.  Officer Elliott honors their spirit everyday, inspiring him to serve his community well.

On August 3, 2011, Officer Christopher Elliott was at the Citgo Station on Western and Diversey finishing the residuals of a hit and run accident investigation which occurred nearby.  At that moment, an excited man knocked on his right passenger window and said his baby was in trouble.  Officer Elliott immediately responded to the father and mother whose car was parked in the station.  The mother was holding her infant boy, 13 months old, who was completely pale and not breathing.

Instinctively, Officer Elliott knew the child was choking, placed him in his arm and began to tap the baby’s back to clear his blocked airway. Immediately, food came out the child’s mouth and he began to cough and cry.  An E.M.T. truck arrived along with many other squads and Sergeants’ cars to assist.  Fernando Aguirre, the child involved in the asphyxiation, was taken to Children’s Memorial Hospital followed by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aguirre/Castillo.  Fernando Aguirre was then treated and released the following day.

Every law enforcement officer puts themselves at risk daily while performing countless acts of heroism.

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