August 2012

During the early morning hours of Easter Sunday 2005, Chicago Police Officer Alphonsus O’Connor was driving to work when he observed a man running across the street holding a gun and being chased by the Railroad Police.  Officer O’Connor found this to be highly unusual because the Railroad Police usually don’t chase armed burglars.  What the officer didn’t know was the offender was one of four who had been using online advertisements for prostitution as a ruse to bring victims to their apartment.  The victims would then be robbed of their valuables.  The offenders had also planned to murder the robbery victims because each would know the location of the apartment and could notify law enforcement.

Officer O’Connor would later find out that the offender being chased had shot and killed one of the robbery victims in a vacant lot because he had attempted to escape.  This was witnessed by P.O. McCormack of the Norfolk Southern Railroad Police who had given chase only to be shot three times on 59th Street.  Officer O’Connor had witnessed this event, took action and exchanged gunfire with the offender.  There must have been some higher power present there that day because the two rounds meant for the officer were later found in a building behind him and Officer McCormack’s wounds were not life threatening.  P.O. O’Connor shot and killed the offender.  At this point, the officer called 911 and a CFD ambulance took P.O. McCormack to Christ Hospital on 95th Street.  He later underwent physical and occupational therapy and is now in full duty status with the Railroad Department.

Larry Johnson did not make it to see another day.  His actions would not have been possible without his accomplices.   All three of these offenders have been found guilty in a court of law for various charges including murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.  Martha Jean is serving over 43 years.  Tameka Newson is serving 60 years.  Terrell Jones is serving a life sentence and is currently ineligible for discharge.

Alphonsus O’Connor is a 10 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.  He started his career in the 011th District, but shortly after was assigned to the Englewood District.  He then worked in the Troubled Buildings Program for some years.  He is currently assigned to the 020th District

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