November 2012

I joined the Chicago Police Department in July 1995 and was assigned to the 002nd District upon graduating from the  Police Academy. I spent five years on midnights where I earned three life saving awards and an award of valor from the Illinois Police Association.  While in the 002nd District I also met my wife.  I transferred to the 012th District and eventually made my way to the Traffic Enforcement Section where upon the birth of my son, I went to the second watch and was assigned to patrol the Chicago Skyway.

July 28, 2012 was normal day of traffic stops and radio calls that changed in a heart beat.  I had just finished a traffic stop by the McDonalds parking lot and was talking to my wife on the phone when I noticed a gentleman flagging me down.  He stated that his son was unresponsive and in need of help.  I pulled up to their vehicle and as I approached, I noticed a woman holding a small child in her arms.  The child was limp and his eyes had rolled back into his head.  I took the child and laid him on the ground and checked to see if he was breathing.  I called for an ambulance and immediately began CPR.  I gave a breath and got no response. On the second breath the boy struggled to breath and then stopped.  I gave a third breath and started to stimulate his chest. At that point I noticed his breathing return.  His eyes rolled back and his color return as well.  That’s when I knew he was back and I handed him over to the paramedics.  I went to the ambulance to check on him and when I opened the door the little guy was screaming his head off.  I never thought hearing a toddler scream could be so enjoyable.
I want to thank you for this award, it is truly an honor.

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