January 2012

On 05 June 2011, Officers Jenelyn Figueroa and Grace Nowak responded to a Burglary in Progress call at 2050 W. Monroe.  Upon arrival the Officers observed a male/black dragging a female by the hair in the gangway.  Officers Figueroa and Nowak announced their office and the offender let go of the woman and ran towards the alley. The Officers chased the offender into the alley where the offender’s vehicle was parked.  The offender entered a small SUV and began to start the vehicle.  In an effort to prevent the offender’s escape, Officer Nowak stepped up on the running board of the vehicle before the offender could close the driver’s side door.

Officer Figueroa entered the offender’s vehicle through the unlocked passenger side door. The offender started the vehicle and began moving with Officer Nowak on the running board between the open door and the door frame of the vehicle.  The offender turned the steering wheel toward the brick wall of the building immediately next to the alley pinning Officer Nowak. Officer Figueroa with total disregard for her own safety began struggling with the offender while trying to turn off the ignition.  Officer Figueroa ordered the offender to stop numerous times.  The offender refused to stop and stated that he was going to kill both Officers. At this time, without hesitation, Officer Figueroa drew her weapon and again ordered the offender to stop.  The offender refused to comply and Officer Figueroa discharged her weapon striking the offender several times. Officer Nowak was able to get out from between the door and frame and building.  Officer Nowak knowing that her partner was still inside the moving vehicle and fearing for her partner’s safety discharged her weapon in the direction of the vehicle causing it to stop. The offender who was shot several times was still combative and had to physically be restrained in order to be placed into custody.

Officer Figueroa was born and raised on the north side of Chicago. Growing up she always has a desire to help people. Her career began 12 years ago beginning in the 7th District, Englewood Station and currently in the 12th District, Monroe St. Station.

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