July 2012

While on patrol February 21, 2005 in the very early morning hours, Chicago Police Officers Timothy Finley and John Wrigley heard a gunshot.  Upon investigating the area, they observed a mini-van with its lights off traveling the wrong direction down a one-way street.

They activated their emergency equipment and curbed the vehicle.  Chicago Police Officers Nick Olsen and Eric White also assisted with the traffic stop.  The driver of the van exited his vehicle and became loud and belligerent with the officers.  He then started fighting with the officers and produced a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun during the struggle.  The armed subject fired 17 times at the officers during an exchange of gunfire.  The offender was wounded and subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of Attempted Murder of a Police Officer.  Officer Wrigley sustained a gunshot wound to his lower left arm and left chest area, striking the body armor he was wearing that night.  Officer Olsen sustained a gunshot wound to his upper right arm and Officer White sustained a minor wound to his lower left leg.

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