December 2012

I joined the Chicago Police Department in July of 2007. Upon completion and graduation from the Police Academy, I was assigned to the 022nd district where I spent one year on midnights. After a short time spent working hard in the 022nd district, I was given an opportunity and was assigned to the Area 2 Saturation Team for two years. From there I went to the 003rd district Tactical Team and eventually made my way to back to Area South where I’m currently assigned to Unit 212 Area South Gun Team. I’ve earned several Honorable Mentions and a Problem Solving Award while working on the south side of Chicago.

On August 29, 2012, my partner and I were on an aggressive patrol in the 022nd District and got information from an unknown citizen that there were several M/1′s standing on the corner at Ada Park. These individuals were known in the neighborhood for having guns. My partner and I relocated to Ada Park to investigate and set up surveillance for these subjects. As my partner and I approached the park, we observed three M/1′s that fit the description given by the unknown citizen standing on the corner at Ada Park. As my partner and I exited our vehicle and approached the group, they scattered and ran in different directions. As I gave chase, I observed the M/1 reach into the front waist band of his jeans and remove a dark object. From my experience of working as a police officer, the object had the characteristics of a hand gun. At this time, the M/1 turned toward me with the hand gun and fired a shot striking me in the left knee. In fear for my life and my partner’s life, I returned fire, striking the subject several times about the body. The subject was apprehended and the weapon was recovered.

I would like to thank the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation for recognizing me with this award. It is truly an honor.

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