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I was hired by the Chicago Police Department in August of 1998.  Shortly after graduating from the Police Academy, I was sent to the 008th District.  In 008, I worked afternoons, midnights and then was detailed to Research and Development.  After my detail, I returned to 008 to work afternoons and then on to days working at Bogan High School.  In May of this year, I became the Crossing Guard Liaison for the 008th District.  Through the course of my career I have earned several Honorable Mentions and one Department Commendation Award.

During my usual tour of duty, I was following up with Crossing Guards throughout the 008th District and stopped to chat with the guard located at 83rd Pl. and St. Louis.  It was the 21st of November, the day before Thanksgiving. The crossing guard and I were discussing our plans for the long weekend, when I heard a commotion behind my patrol cruiser and immediately exited my vehicle.  At that time I heard several people yelling, “Help, Help, My baby isn’t breathing.”  I immediately contacted OEMC and notified them that I needed an ambulance for a baby not breathing and gave the address of the residence.  I quickly took the child from a family member and observed his eyes rolling back in his head.  He was beginning to turn blue.  The young boy’s mother informed me that he had choked on a granola bar.  I turned the child over and began performing back blows to the center of the boys’ back which is the Heimlich maneuver for young children.   The granola bar became dislodged and the young child began breathing prior to the ambulance arriving.

Once the young child was in the ambulance, he was sitting up playing with my watch.  Somehow during the incident, my watch fell off of my wrist and had made its way into the young boys’ hands.  When I opened the door to the rear of the ambulance and saw that young child playing with my watch, the view was priceless and one I will never forget!

Thank you to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation for this award.




  • Congratulations and God Bless You, Officer Doody! Love a story with a happy ending :)

  • Good Job Officer Doody!!!!

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