January 2014

In early December of 2013, Officers Wayne Kramer and Fred Estrada were dispatched to a call of a person yelling for help in the area of McClurg Court and the Chicago River. The officers toured the area with windows lowered, heard a cry for help and spotted a man at the edge of the water. Once he spotted the officers, the man relayed that someone had fallen into the river.

Officer Kramer sprinted down the stairs toward the docks and attempted to pull the victim from the water. The dock was only four feet wide and it was difficult to maintain a firm grip because of the cold and slippery conditions. The rescue was further complicated by the fact that hypothermia had set in on the victim and he had no use of his arms or legs. With the help of Officer Estrada and the bystander, Kramer was finally able to pull the man from the icy river.The victim was wheeled to street level and transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he made a full recovery. Had it not been for the actions of these two officers, the man would have surely drowned.

P.O. Wayne Kramer began his career with the Chicago Police Department in 1998 in the 007th District. He has worked midnights in the 018th District since 2000. Officer Kramer is the proud father of Ryan (16) and Eric (12) and has coached both boys in baseball, basketball and football.

P.O. Fred Estrada, a native of South Chicago (004th District), began his career with the Chicago Police Department seven years ago. He has spent one year working in the 012th District and the rest in 018 on midnights. Officer Estrada is married and has one son.

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