September 2013

On July 7, 2010, Sgt. Jason Kaczynski and P.O. Kimberly Thorp, members of the Targeted Response Unit, were working desk duty at the old 007 District building located at 61st and Racine when the sound of gunfire ripped through the facility. Both officers immediately responded and made their way outside toward the source of the gunfire. Thorp was out the door first and spotted another officer taking cover behind a vehicle. Amid a spray of bullets, she took aim at the offender advancing toward her position. Sgt. Jason Kaczynski was next out the door and fired several shots at the offender, striking the gunman in the chest.


What the officers did not realize was that the offender had shot and killed P.O. Thor Soderberg just moments earlier in the parking lot. Their heroic efforts most likely prevented a murderous rampage by the offender, Bryant Brewer, who survived the incident and is awaiting trial. Neither Kaczynski nor Thorp was wearing a bulletproof vest when they stepped into the line of fire.


Sgt. Jason Kaczynski joined the CPD in May of 1997. As a patrol officer, he worked in the 009th District, the 008th District, the 006th District, the Area 2 Mission Team and the Narcotics Section. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2003 and was assigned to the 004th District, the Targeted Response Unit and the 006th District. He is currently assigned to the Courts Section.


P.O. Kimberly Thorp was hired by the CPD in October 2004 and began her career in the 003rd District. Following her probationary period, she was assigned to the Targeted Response Unit and worked there until the Unit was disbanded. She spent a year in the 007th District and is currently assigned to the Fugitive Apprehension Team. When not working for the CPD, Kim volunteers as the president and training director for Search and Rescue Dogs of Illinois. She is nationally certified and currently handles a human remains detection K-9. The team has spent much of the past year assisting police departments with various criminal cases that benefit from the use of a human remains detection K-9. Thorp is excited to be adding a bloodhound to her search and rescue team and feels lucky to share her passion for dogs with her family.

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