April 2013 
Early this year, William Thomas, 74 years of age, sustained a single gun shot would to the rear of the head while sitting outside his home with a friend. The friend went across the street to speak with a group of acquaintances at which time several gun shots were heard. He took cover behind a parked vehicle. After the shooting stopped, Thomas was observed lying on the ground bleeding from the back of his head. He was not the intended target and several shell casing were recovered at the scene. The investigating officers learned that the shooting was committed in retaliation for one of the offenders being beaten by the rival gang.

On 28 Feb 13, members of 6510 located a suspect that implicated several others in the murder of William Thomas. Based on the suspect’s statement, TEAM members formulated a plan to locate the other offenders. The officers located four subjects in total during the course of a long investigation. Three were charged at that time of their arrest. The Cook County States Attorney’s Office has approved one count each of First Degree Murder charges for the murder of William Thomas. All charged offenders are members of the Murder-Town/Lo-city Gangster Disciple Street Gang.

The offenders in this case may not have been apprehended had it not been for the hard work and determination of these officers.

Sgt. Jose “Pepe” Lopez:  Joined the CPD in 1995 and was assigned to the 023rd District where he worked on the watch and the tactical teams.  He then joined the city-wide unit, Special Operations Section as part of the Distressed Neighborhoods program.  He was promoted to Detective in 2000, and assigned to Area Four, investigating homicides until 2005.  Sgt. Lopez was then assigned to the Gang Investigation Division, Homicide Team-South.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2007, and went to the 002nd District were he worked on the watch, and the Area One Gang Team.  Sgt. Lopez then joined the newly created Gang Enforcement Division.  He returned to the Gang Investigation Division as of last year, and currently supervises the Area Central Team.

P.O. Daniel Houlihan: Has been a police officer since 1994. Houlihan was assigned to the 009th District on midnights upon leaving the academy and then moved to the Tact Team. He has been detailed to SNIP/Narcotic Mission Team  in the past. He was also assigned to Unit 542 Detached Services for 8years and is currently assigned to Unit 193 Gang Investigations.

P.O. Daniel DeLopez: Has been a Chicago police officer for 18 years.  After the academy, he was sent to the 011th district where he worked a beat car on the 3rd watch.  After 2 years on the watch, he moved on to the Area 4 Mission team where he assisted the detective division in investigating violent crimes.  Officer DeLopez then worked on the 011th district tactical team for 2 years before transferring to the Public Housing Unit. In 2005, Officer DeLopez transferred to the Gang Investigations Unit where he is currently assigned.

P.O. Kevin Kilroy: Has been with Chicago Police Department for 12 years. Most of that time, he was assigned to the 003rd District Tactical Team. He then moved to the Gang investigations Division where he is currently assigned.

P.O. Martin Teresi: Has been a police officer for almost 15 years. He began his career in the 002nd District and then moved to the 022nd District. While assigned to the 022nd District, Officer Teresi worked an incident car for several years. He was then detailed out to the Area Two Mission teams, the Area Two Saturation teams and then to the Gang Investigation Division/Organized Crime Division where he is currently assigned.

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