P.O. Joseph Palczynski


Name:  Joseph Palczynski

Rank:  Captain

Star No.:  Unknown

Unit:  Detective Bureau

EOW:  5 MARCH 1935

Incident Details:

Captain Joseph Palczynski was a nearly 50 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department and assigned to the Detective Bureau at 1121 South State Street at the time of his death.  On March 5, 1935, Captain Palczynski was working in the Women’s Court room at 11th and State when a riot broke out in the courtroom.  During the melee, Captain Palczynski  suffered a fatal heart attack while pushing into the crowd in an attempt  to restore the peace.  He was shoved to the floor and pummeled by several offenders.  He was carried into the judge’s chambers and later pronounced dead on the scene.   No charges were filed in connection with Captain Palczynski’s death.  He was survived by his wife, Tillie, and children, Helen, Joseph Jr., William, Edward, Casimir and Walter.