P.O. Edward F. Carney

Name: Edward F. Carney
Rank: Police Officer
Star #: 83
Unit: Central Station
EOW: 08 DEC 1893

Patrolman Edward F. Carney, Star #83, aged 29 years, was a 1 year, 5 month, 6 day veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Central Station.

On November 30, 1893, Detective Carney and his partner, Detective John Conway were under orders to stop and question any pedestrian found in a residential area in the late hours of the night. Police were on alert due to a recent series of crimes in the area. While walking in the residential area, the detectives observed A. F. Holmes and James G. Potter, at 39th Street and Langley Avenue. The detectives stopped the men and attempted to question them. Taking offense to being stopped, the men became confrontational. This led the detective to placing the men under arrest. As they were being placed into custody, both men drew large Colt revolvers. One bandit struck Detective Conway over the head and the other shot Detective Carney. Detective Carney sustained a gunshot wound to his lower right leg, the bullet lodging in his knee. The men then made good their escape.

After the shooting, Detective Carney was taken to his brother’s residence located at No. 2931 Union Avenue (present day 2931 South Union Avenue). Doctors were called and decided against extracting the bullet, believing it would do more harm than good. Detective Carney lingered there for seven days, his wound becoming infected with blood poisoning. On December 8, 1893, he was taken to Chicago Hospital located at 15th Street and Champlain Avenue where he underwent emergency surgery. He developed complications during surgery and died at 7:00 p.m. on December 8, 1893.

Holmes and Potter were arrested a short time after the incident and taken to the 35th Street Station. During questioning the men identified themselves as Private Investigators for the Thiel Detective Agency. Following questioning the men were released from custody. After the death of Detective Carney, warrants for Holmes and Potter were issued and they were rearrested. Holmes was charged with murder and Potter with accessory. The men were then held by the Criminal Court and bond set.

Detective Carney was waked at his residence located at No. 2931 Union Avenue (present day 2931 South Union Avenue), his funeral mass was held in Requiem at All Saints’ Church and he was laid to rest on December 12, 1893 in Calvary Cemetery, 301 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, Illinois.

Detective Edward F. Carney, born in 1863, received his Probationary Appointment to the Chicago Police Department on July 2, 1892.

Detective Carney was survived by his wife, Maggie; parents: John and Johanna and siblings: John (CPD) and Mrs. A. E. Sachse.

Incident Recorded under Chicago Police Department homicide file, Case #2813.

Note: The "Central Station" is not to be confused with "District 1, 1st Precinct - Central" as these were separate and distinct units at the time.