P.O. Edward L. Simanek Sr.


Name: Edward L. Simanek Sr.
Rank: Police Officer
Star #: 10896
Unit: 11th District
EOW: August 28, 2001

Incident Details:
On June 4, 1968, Police Officer Edward L. Simanek Sr. and his partner, Police Officer Stankowicz, pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation. This vehicle contained two occupants. The driver of the stopped vehicle got out at which time the passenger, Robert Jones, produced a handgun and shot Officer Simanek in the face. As Officer Simanek lay on the street, Jones shot him again, striking him in the buttocks. Jones fled on foot and was subsequently shot and taken into custody by Officer Stankowicz. Officer Simanek, critically wounded, was removed to the Illinois Research Hospital. He had suffered severe facial injuries and a severed nerve leading to his tongue, which caused a marked speech impediment. A tracheotomy was performed. Officer Simanek remained in the hospital for more than five months. Following his initial hospitalization, Officer Simanek would be in and out of hospitals for the next five years. He was fully paralyzed on his left side and only after years of rehabilitations did Officer Simanek regain partial use of his left leg. Despite countless surgeries on his left arm, doctors were unable to give Officer Simanek any use of the limb. Robert Jones was subsequently charged and convicted of Attempted Murder against Police Officer Edward Simanek and sentenced to 25-75 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.