Detective Michael Shaughnessy #1475

Name: Shaughnessy, Michael
Star: 1475
Rank: Detective
District / Unit: 021 Precinct
End of Watch: 22-May-1904
Incident Details: Police Officer Michael Shaughnessy, 43, was assigned to the 21st Precinct.

On May 21, 1904, Officer Shaughnessy along with Officers Thomas Murray and Robert Long arrested Peter Lawrence at a saloon.  Lawrence’s friend interfered and Officer Long was thrown to the ground and was cut in the forehead by a knife.  Officer Long drew his gun and fired at the assailant twice.  Tragically, one of the bullets struck Officer Shaugnessy.  Officer Shaghnessy was transported to Cook County Hospital where he died on May 22.

Officer Shaughnessy was laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery.