Detective-Sergeant George C. Burns #207

Name: Burns, George C.
Star: 207
Rank: Detective Sergeant
District / Unit: 20th Precinct
End of Watch: 03-Oct-1919
Incident Details: Detective-Sergeant George Burns, 38, was a 12-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the 20th Precinct.

On October 3, 1919, Detective-Sergeant Burns, and his partner, Detective-Sergeant Bernard J. Lenehan, were checking to see if Thomas Mulhern’s Saloon, located in the 3300 block of West Madison Street, was closing on-time.  While the detective-sergeants spoke to the bartender, two masked armed robbers entered through a side door.  One of the offenders struck a patron. When the patron yelled out, the officers turned and saw the bandits.  The armed robbers opened fire on both the detective-sergeants, wounding them multiple times.  It is believed that the offenders opened fire on the detective-sergeants because they had recognized them as police officers.  Detective-Sergeant Bernard Lenehan, 48, was rushed to Garfield Park Hospital where he died on October 5.  Detective-Sergeant Burns succumbed to his injuries at St. Anthony’s Hospital.

The murderers were never apprehended.

Detective-Sergeant Burns’s funeral mass was held at Presentation Church and he was laid to rest in Mount Carmel Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife, Mae, and his children, Marie, Huge, William, Katherine, Helen, and Edward.