Detective-Sergeant James L. Hosna #324

Name: Hosna, James L.
Star: 324
Rank: Detective-Sergeant
District / Unit: Detective Division
End of Watch: 16-Feb-1919
Incident Details: Detective-Sergeant James Hosna, 37, was an 11-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Detective Division.

On February 15, 1919, Detective-Sergeant James Hosna was seeking a wagon thief at the Ryan Saloon, located in the 1400 block of South Halsted Avenue.  While in the saloon, he encountered George Vogel, a criminal, and childhood classmate of his.  Detective-Sergeant Hosna approached Vogel and asked him, “George, you were in on that wagon job, weren’t you?”  Vogel replied by drawing a gun and shooting the detective-sergeant five times.  Detective-Sergeant Hosna was rushed to County Hospital where he died on February 16.  His last words were, “get Vogel.”

George Vogel was acquitted of all charges on June 13, 1919.

Detective-Sergeant Hosna was laid to rest in Bohemian National Cemetery.  He was survived by his wife, Marie; children, Elsie and Myrtle; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hosna; and his siblings, Frank, Edward, William, George, and Marie.