Detective-Sergeant John N. Bialk #474

Name: Bialk, John N.
Star: 474
Rank: Detective-Sergeant
District / Unit: 040 Precinct
End of Watch: 24-Sep-1916
Incident Details: Detective-Sergeant John Bialk, 40, was assigned to the 40th Precinct.

On September 21, 1916, Detective-Sergeant John Bialk responded to a domestic disturbance.  A woman had left her husband for another man and was having difficulty retrieving her possessions from his home.  Sergeant Bialk escorted the woman to the home where they were met by Charles Depew.  Depew jumped onto a bed and immediately began shooting.  Depew shot and wounded his wife and the sergeant.  Detective-Sergeant Bialk died on September 24, 1916.

Charles Depew was acquitted of the murder in 1917.

Detective-Sergeant John Bialk was survived by his wife, five children, and parents.