Detective-Sergeant Patrick O'Neill #2963

Name: O'Neill, Patrick "Paddy" J.
Star: 2963
Rank: Detective-Sergeant
District / Unit: Detective Division
End of Watch: 20-Mar-1921
Incident Details: Sergeant Patrick “Paddy” O’Neill, 43, was a 14-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, assigned to the Detective Division.

On March 20, 1921, Sergeant O’Neill and four other detectives attempted to serve an arrest warrant to Timothy O’Connor.  O’Connor was wanted for bond forfeiture in connection to a first-degree murder charge.  The detectives surrounded the house he lived in with his sister located in the 6400 block of Washtenaw Avenue.  Detective O’Neill and 2 other detectives staked out the rear of the house while two detectives knocked on the front door.  As the officers knocked on the front door, O’Connor fled from the back door.  Upon seeing the detectives, the murderer opened fire, fatally wounding Detective O’Neill.  O’Connor fled the scene, but was later arrested.

Timothy O’Connor was charged and found guilty of Detective O’Neill’s murder.  He was also found guilty of murdering his best friend, Jimmy Cherin.  Cherin’s pregnant wife committed suicide shortly after her husband’s murder.  He was sentenced to hang, but escaped from Cook County Jail on December 11, 1921.  The fugitive was never apprehended.

Sergeant O’Neill was survived by his wife and three children.