Detective Austin B. Woolsey

Name: Woolsey, Austin B.
Rank: Detective
District / Unit: Des Plaines Street Station
End of Watch: 13-Feb-1906
Incident Details: Detective Austin Woolsey, 45, was assigned to the Des Plaines Street Station.  Detective Woolsey died on February 6, 1906, from injuries sustained in the line of duty more than three years prior.  On September 24, 1902, Officer Woolsey and his partner attempted to arrest Robey Martin and Charles Gehrke.  Martin resisted arrest and assaulted Detective Woolsey.  During the altercation, Detective Woolsey fell to the ground and struck his head on the pavement; resulting in him becoming temeporarily insane due to a concussion.  Detective Woolsey died at his home.Detective Woolsey was laid to rest in Rosehill Cemetery in Iowa.  He was survived by his wife, Bessie and son, Joseph.