Detective Nicholas Connelly

Name: Nicholas Connelly
Star: unknown
Memorial Panel #:  9
Rank: Detective
District / Unit: Woodlawn Police Station
End of Watch: 09 October 1962
Incident Details: Detective Nicholas Connelly, 55, was assigned to the Woodlawn Police Station. On September 28, 1936, Detective Connelly was involved in a shootout with parolees Norman Cravens, Clarence Lukesch and Fred Meyers who attempted to rob Rehling’s Tavern at 203 E. 69thStreet. Detective Connelly and Detective Charles Stine were each shot multiple times and Cravens died during the shootout in which 25 bullets were fired.Lukesch and Meyers were arrested and the investigation revealed that the group had robbed 50 small businesses since being paroled. On November 11, 1936, Chief Justice Michael McKinley of the Criminal Court sentenced Lukesch and Meyers to life in prison.Detective Connelly never fully recovered from the shooting and suffered extreme pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and chronic lead poisoning from the two bullets that were left in his body. According to Dr. Nancy Jones, retired Chief Medical Examiner, these complications all led to Detective Connelly’s early death on October 9, 1962.

Detective Connelly is survived by his wife, Eileen; sons, Patrick, Michael, Nicholas and daughter, Lynne.