P.O. Bernard B. Klinke #229

Name: Klinke, Bernard B.
Star: 229
Memorial Panel #: #PANEL#
Rank: Patrolman
District / Unit: Park
End of Watch: 22 February 1937
Incident Details: Police Officer Barnard Klinke, 30, was assigned to the Park District Police. On February 22, 1937, Officer Klinke was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic on Cornelia Avenue and Sheridan Road. Officer Klinke was holding a red lantern and blew his whistle to stop the north bound traffic in order to escort a mother and her child across the street. Tragically, a north bound vehicle being driven by George Gamber, 57, failed to see the officer’s signal. Officer Klinke was transported to Swedish Covenant Hospital where he died hours later.

Gamber was charged with manslaughter.

Officer Klinke was laid to rest in Montrose Cemetery. He is survived by his siblings, Edith Klein, Marie Elmer, Lydia Grafus, and Hattie Stackle.